Getting Your House in Order

It is very easy in the busy life to let your house get completely out of control. My solution is…..If you are working then dedicate an hour each night to your home……If you do not work then dedicate an hour in the morning to your home. Then dedicate and hour in the afternoon to yourContinue reading “Getting Your House in Order”

Know Who You Are – Dysfunctional Family Roles

I am who I am. I accept myself and have learned to turn my life experiences in to superpowers. I have turned pain into wisdom. It is important to understand our roles in our families to understand how we operate. This helps us understand who we are. We understand our weaknesses and our strengths. WeContinue reading “Know Who You Are – Dysfunctional Family Roles”

A Happy Home Makes a Happy Life

Have you seen the show hoarders? Do those people seem happy? The answer is no. We feel better and like we are on track and organized if our life is on track and organized. This includes where we live and relax at. We feel as good an as relaxed as our surroundings. We can notContinue reading “A Happy Home Makes a Happy Life”