Sometimes You Must Leave A Toxic Job

Can a work situation be toxic? Absolutely!!!! I have been in those situations where everything was sucking all the positivity out of my life. With that being said I will say that most people do not like or love their job but it provides for their life and family. Their is a difference between a toxic job and not liking your job. It is important to know the difference. Let me explain some situations I was in.

I was in a job in transport where I was required to drive all the time because all the other drivers lost their licenses due to DWIs or getting in trouble. So they would get off work and enjoy their time off after work while I was always on the road working. I got not extra pay for my job. Sometimes I would drive in late hours of night or early hours of the morning. I had not extra time for myself. I had little to no down time. I went to a new job four years later.

I was in another job where I was required to work with a woman who was my ex-bestfriend who basically decided she was the boss of me. She was mad because I was given the job she wanted. She made work hard for me. She would brag to all the higher ups that she did all the work and would take credit for all the things I would do. She actually got in trouble for that. She almost lost her job because of this. Then blamed me for this and then made work hard for me. I was allowed to take my kids to work sometimes. Then she would be horrible to them and tell them what to do. She would also allow her friends to be horrible to them and tell them what to do. I knew that if I complained she would try to say my kids were acting up which they weren’t. They honestly were not doing anything wrong. I was worried that if I stood up to her I wouldn’t be able to bring my kids back to work and sometimes I had to bring them. She would often do things like this to make working with her hard. She was a work place bully This happened for a year until I left.

I was at a job working for a man who owned his own business. He decided to basically tell me what guys I was allowed to talk to and what guys I wasn’t allowed to talk to. It was weird because we were never that close and we didn’t have that relationship. After a while. I decided I had enough and I left.

I worked in a position were I was blamed for many things because I served in the military. When I spoke up and said I didn’t do them. I was told I did because I had been in the military. It got to where I was blamed for many things I didn’t do or for things my entire team did. It got worse after I put in a transfer request. After a while I quit fighting because it got to the point I could do no right with my boss. I left after a year.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is leave a profession you know is not a healthy situation. I will say you need to make sure you have a job lined up when you do this. This way you can make sure your bills and your family are well taken care of.

To live your best life then you need to live your best job.

Work to live. Do not live to work.

“If you truly love your job, You will not work a day in your life.” – Unknown

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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