How To Deal With Rumors And Lies

The best way to deal with a person who spreads rumors and lies is not to deal with them, participate, or play their game. The people who truly know you and care about you know the truth. Most people with a brain will know better than to just listen to hear say. That’s what really matters!!!

I have people in my life who spread rumors and lies about me. I shouldn’t say in my life…I have people who like to talk about my life. They want to feel important or look important to other people so they think lying about other people will do that for them. It is very annoying.

There for a while I even have an ex who would make fake profiles on Facebook to try and befriend. He even befriended some of my Facebook friends to tell them rumors. One rumor was that I was dead which still makes no sense to me. He even created fake obituaries online about me. I think it might have been him or my messed up family. It was a wild ride.

I had an old best friend who is not my best friend anymore who told lies about me while we were friends and after we stopped being friends. She was just one of those people who always lied because some how it benefited her in the long run. She couldn’t stand never being the center of attention and was very jealous if anyone actually liked me because that meant she wasn’t getting attention. She was a very toxic person.

How did I deal with this….. I didn’t. I found ignoring all this is the best way to deal with rumors and lies. The moment you start firing back or even try defending yourself it just gets bigger and much worse…Then somehow you end up caught in the middle of a nasty drama war with a liar and manipulator. If people ask you what is true, then yes be honest with them. I wouldn’t do anything else though. Most those people end up hanging themselves. The truth usually always comes out.

I will say on one of my fake obituaries created online I did post one thing but only after one of my male friends got really angry and blasted the post. I felt like then I kind of had to say something to dull down the blow of everything he said hoping whoever posted it wouldn’t post anything worse.

It is hard not doing anything when people lie and spread rumors…You just want to call them out. You want to say “Hey that’s not true.” But the best thing to do not to make the situation worse or make yourself look bad is to let them expose themselves. In time, I promise they will.

I will say this. If one of your friends is talking a whole bunch of messed up stuff or secrets to you about one of their friends or former friends, then they are and will do the same thing to you. You are not special. They are showing you who they truly are. Believe them!!!

Don’t spread anything you hear either because you are not sure what it truth and what is a lie. You don’t want to be the person doing this to someone else.

“Don’t spread with your mouth, what your eyes don’t see.” -Unknown Author

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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