You Can’t Have A Relationship With Someone Who Is Married

You cannot be in a relationship with someone who is married. Many people believe the will leave the other person or if they stay around long enough the married person will choose them. The reality is you are the other person. You are not the most important person.

I have a friend who is currently dating a married woman who use to be my best friend. She has told so many lies so I know she is probably lying to him now too. She told him that she hasn’t slept with her husband for five years and they have been married for three. They dated for seven. I remember when they first got back together five years ago she started treatment in hormones to get pregnant so I know she hasn’t been honest. She has come up with so many reasons why she can’t leave her husband right now and made promises of the future to him.

She spends all her holidays with her husband while my friend is alone. She is leaving on vacation to see her parents Christmas with her husband. Her vacation to Ruidoso was with her husband. All the important moments are with her husband while my friend gets whatever time with her he can get. Her life is with her husband and my friend is alone for those moments. Who do you think is the priority in this relationship. Not my friend.

If you want someone who can share their life with you, you can’t date someone married. If you want someone emotionally available then don’t date a married person. If you want a real relationship then date someone who can give you all the things a married person can’t. Or you will end up spending the important moments alone while they are spending those moments with their spouse. You will be with someone constantly lying or making promises they can’t keep.

You will find yourself being faithful to a person you are sharing with someone else and your not even in an important role.

My friend is not a bad guy. Yes he got involved with a married person. He just fell for the wrong person. A person who is already committed to someone else. A person who has lied to him. This can happen with a good person as well and they end up in a situation they never believed they would be in.

You still single dating a married person. You just don’t know it yet…..And it never works out.

If a person is unhappy in their marriage or relationship they should just leave. Not cheat.

Cheating is wasting a persons heart and time.” – Unknown Author

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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