Sometimes You have To Be Direct With Someone Who Is Stringing You Along

If someone is stringing you along and being so confusing about their feelings I find the best policy is being direct and asking them “Do you want me around or not?” “Do you want to keep talking to me or not?” “Do you care or don’t you care?” “What is going on with you?”

To me being direct and asking is better then all the mental mind games people play in dating to try to find out where you stand with someone. Just ask them. It also becomes hard for someone hot and cold or stringing you along to hide.

I had a guy always skate around those questions. He never wanted to answer them. He kept telling me to stop digging. That I didn’t know when to quit. The truth is if they want you around or care then they can answer those questions. If they don’t want you around or care but still have some decency then they can be honest with you. Someone who is playing with you won’t give you the answers you need. They will just continue to play with you and find ways around answering those questions.

Know your worth. The add tax to that. Don’t let someone devalue you because they don’t understand the value of a good person.

“Why play with someone’s heart in a world full of toys.” – Unknown

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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