For My Religious Followers: God Answered My Prayers

Many people who know me, know that I am a Christian. I understand that not all people maybe and that is okay. All in entitled to their beliefs. But I had an experience I would like to share with my religious followers. It was special to me. I believe this past weekend God answered my prayers.

I had a sad moment on Thursday because the guy I had recently talked to had treated me bad. I prayed and asked God…Why doesn’t anything ever work out for me? Why do I have all these failed relationships? Why does he do this to me? I asked him to please tell me why this happens………..

Saturday morning the weirdest thing happened…I received a Facebook message from a woman who recently dated one of my exes from a few years back…She asked if she could please talk to me. When I dated this guy, it ended and soon as it began….He was very charming at first.. He stole a ton of money from me, he stole our TVs and my computer, and he lied non-stop. He had a gambling problem and I was sure he was on drugs but could not prove it… It ended in a few months. I had kids. I wasn’t doing that.

I sent her a message saying I would talk to her. This guy had a done a number on her. He used her up horrible and put her thru a lot of horrible things. He took a lot of money from her. She got him a car, a cell phone, and found him a place to live. She payed for him to go to rehab. He cheated on her with not only women but men. He had gotten into prostitution to pay for his drug habit. She was with him for three years. One of which was spent in prison because he was caught buying meth. Turns out he was a drug addict as I had suspected. He ended things with her by telling her that he was only using her for her money. She lost her self esteem caring and trying to save this guy.

I told her my story of what happened with him. I even remember having a similar prayer to God over that particular ex. I was on the phone for two hours with her. I gave her a pep talk. I told her she deserved so much better than a guy who would treat her like that and she did. She was beautiful, super intelligent, and super successful. I told her a lot of times when God closes and door it’s because he knows things we don’t and he’s protecting us. He closes doors so better ones can open for us in later on to better things.

She asked how I was doing now. I told her since that relationship died I became a teacher, bought a house, and have a much better car. That I and my kids were so happy and doing so well. It all worked out for the best….

After my conversation with her I had realized what God just did….He answered my prayer in a very odd way. But he did answer it. With a blast from the past…and my own words “When God closes and door it’s because he knows things we don’t and he’s protecting us. He closes doors so better ones can open for us in later on to better things.” In the process I was a able to help someone else who needed hear my story and those words..

I see what you just did God. Thank you:)

Sometimes failed relationships are some of God’s biggest blessings. Believe it or not sometimes God knows what’s best for us and we need to just trust in him. Sometimes he is protecting us when we don’t even see it.

“Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” – Garth Brooks

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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