Reasons Why Guys Lose Interest That Have Nothing to Do With You

There are some guys who just lose interest over every little thing….They are a guy and for whatever reason for some guys it just doesn’t take much for them to lose interest in you…..

Here are several reasons that guys lose interest that have nothing to do with you…..

  1. He is dealing with his own demons.
  2. He has changed his mind.
  3. He is not ready to commit to a relationship.
  4. He likes the chase more than the woman.
  5. He likes the chase more than the woman.
  6. He is in love with somebody else.
  7. He is an asshole.
  8. He may have no reason at all.

Don’t obsess over why a guy is no longer interested in you…The wrong guy can keep you from a guy who would give you all of his time and attention.

Love yourself enough to move on and close a door. Some doors are meant to be closed an never reopened. A failed courtship will just prepare you for something much better.

When you love yourself just remember it doesn’t matter who doesn’t love you back or like you back. They are the ones who are missing out.

I lose interest when I get ignored. – Unknown Author

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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