Flavor of The Day – Know When He’s Playing With You

In today’s world there are lost of people who don’t want relationships. It has become a hookup culture in online dating. I will say there are some guys who will be upfront and tell you they are only looking for something casual. Even though I maybe looking for something different, I do have a lot of respect for guys who won’t waste your time and will be honest with you upfront about what they are looking for. However then you have the guys who will play with you…….

When they play with you…It simply means you are the flavor of the day. Sometimes a week. Sometimes a month or months. That just means they are using you for the time for one thing or another. Yes there are guys like this. They are not serious about you but will make it seem like they are interested at the time….The real good ones will say all the right things. Others will have tell-tell signs.

A few signs to know if he is playing with you…..

  1. He never asks questions to really get to know you.
  2. He wants to hangout at his place or your place but not actually go on a real date….This means hookup.
  3. He talks a lot about sex.
  4. He never sends a selfie…This could be a catfish sign.
  5. Something always happens so he can’t meet you or ever meetup for a date.
  6. He disappears after talking with you for a bit like hes interested.
  7. He’s always dating other girls.
  8. If he has a ton of ladies on his Facebook page.
  9. He only meets for sex.
  10. He goes weeks or months without seeing you.
  11. He goes days without texting you.
  12. He doesn’t know how he feels.
  13. If you are always questioning his feelings for you. He he was interested then you would know.

These are just a few ways to tell if he is playing with you. A guy will invest his time and interest in a girl he is truly interested in. A guy will put a woman into his life that he wants there. You would have no doubt if a guy was truly into you verses one is is just playing with you.

Number one thing to take from this is that you cannot make him change or make him interested if he is not. Most women think they can change a guy and break their own hearts trying to do so. If he is just playing with you then he is going to continue playing with you until you decide you are done being his toy and move on.

Love yourself to know your value and what you deserve. Don’t waste it on a player. Don’t be giving relationship benefits to a boy who is playing the field.

“She wasn’t his girlfriend. She was his bubblegum girl–only fun until she lost her flavor.” -Jenny Rosen

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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