Ghosted – Dealing With The Goodbye You Never Get

It’s hard when someone you are about doesn’t think you merit a goodbye. Sometimes people end things with us by simply disappearing. It is hard not understanding the why or having the closure. It could be a good friend, a guy we are talking with, someone we have been dating, or even someone we have had a full relationship with. Sometimes we are left with so many questions and we don’t get the why….

This has happened to me. This has happened to me on a fist date and he never showed. Just disappeared. This has happened to me in other ways. I have talked to a guy I really liked talking to. I think things are going great then he stops responding to my texts….

I also hate to admit but I have ghosted before…..I just simply lost interest but didn’t have the courage to tell the guy I was no longer interested. I just believed this way was less drama. Usually it was because he came on way to strong or I just didn’t feel the it factor when we finally did meet…

Ghosting is honestly a cowards way out. It is better to have respect for someone and be honest with them.

If you are ghosted just remember it has nothing to do with you. You could have been ghosted for many reasons that have nothing to do with your looks or what kind of person you are. Some people just have the inability to say they simply are no longer interested for one reason or another.

Love yourself enough to accept the silence as a goodbye. Give yourself the closure the other person will not give you and move on. Don’t beat yourself up over something you have no answers to.

Sometimes no words say more than words truly can.

“No response is a response.” – Unknown Author

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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