The Truth About No Contact

This is hurtful to say, but the truth about not contact is this…It is not a tool to get someone back. It us used to get over someone. Disappearing is not going to make someone who does not want to be with you, be with you. If they contact you it is because they are curious. If someone should come back it is because they want to or they couldn’t find anyone else. Not because of no contact.

I have made many mistakes in talking to people or dating including texting to much and even chasing. If someone came back to me it was usually months later after I was over them and didn’t want them anymore. They eventually realized I was a good woman they lost. No because of no contact.

No contact is meant to get over someone by cutting all communication and ties. It is very effective. Out of site and out of mind is what some people say. Not having them around means your not focused on them and can get over them quicker. Trust me, after it is over, you want to go no contact and get over them quicker. It is the best way. Having someone around you care about but you can’t be with is torture. Whatever you do, don’t try to stay their friend. Love yourself enough to put a plan in place to get over them for your own mental health.

Use no contact the right way and it is effective. Just remember no matter what program says….This is not meant to reunite with anyone but to help you move on. It is very important to do after a breakup. It works if you work it correctly.

Instead of putting all your effort into loving someone who doesn’t love you back…Put an effort into loving yourself and the results will filly you with lots of happiness as well as self worth.

Never give someone else the power to determine your worth!!!

“No response is a response and the answer to if someone truly cares or not.” – Unknown Author

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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