You Can’t Make Someone Care About You

Listen to these words….You cannot control how someone feels about you. If they don’t care then they do not care. A text will not bring them back. No contact will not bring them back. Jealousy will not bring them back. Walking away will not bring them back. A dating program or get your ex back program will not bring them back. Do not waste your money on this!!!

The only thing you can control is what you do. Love yourself enough to walk away and find someone who wants to be in your life. Don’t focus on the one person who doesn’t.

Accept what is and what will never be even if it use to be. Some people can cut off their feelings for you completely. They can stop caring totally. You have to understand that some people have the ability.

You don’t want to chase someone who doesn’t want you around.

You can’t love yourself by giving all you love and attention to the wrong person.

Remember this. The right one won’t run. You won’t have to chase them.

“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.” – Mandy Hale

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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