People Who Get Mad and Stay Mad

There are things that people will do to you that would render you to not be able to have them in your life but then there are things that people do that make you mad that should be easier to forgive. However, some people get mad over forgivable things or fights that are not worth a relationship and they refuse to get over it. What should you do if someone won’t forgive you?

This happened to me by a guy I really liked over a statement that I really didn’t mean for him to take the wrong way. It really broke my heart because I really liked him. Even though I accepted responsibility and apologized, there was nothing I could do to make things right with him. From that one mistake he had already made up his mind about me and us.

I tried talking to him so many times and he just would push me away but wouldn’t completely cut me off. He would say he just needed time or to just take baby steps. I would message him after he ignored me for hours. I would watch him give other people attention online while he just ignored me. I would try to communicate my feelings with him and end up with answers of uncertainty from him. I would flirt with him and he would act like he didn’t even care. I did thins until a month passed by and I realized that he could never value me to use this situation to treat me like this. Yes I made a mistake but I didn’t deserve to be treated like this. No one did.

Number one step for you to do is to love yourself enough to forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is ever perfect and you’re never going to live up to someone’s standards who is only looking for perfect. Those people are usually the most lonely people in the world because they are unable to forgive and let go. They do not choose their battles. Therefore they take every little thing and push everyone who cares about them away. It could be a toxic trait. It could be because of their own past. Understand you can’t put your life on hold, fix that, or prove yourself to them………Listen to this sentence……..You will never have to prove yourself to the right person. They will already see your value.

Cut your losses and walk away. It is hard. Especially when you feel like you were the one in the wrong but you have to look at it this way……If someone really likes you and wants you in their life then they will be able to forgive your shortcomings and the small stuff. If they can’t then they never really liked you to begin with. So you didn’t lose anything. However, they lost someone who really cared about them.

Move one and focus on what you have in your life. Focus on the people in your life. Focus on your blessings. Not on your mistakes. Don’t waste your time focusing on someone who only sees mistakes. You will never be prefect enough for some people.

You also don’t want to be with someone who could walk away and stop caring about you suddenly over any little mistake. Find someone who knows how to choose their battles and can manage their anger.

Remember you are human. Love yourself to much to stay in a situation where you are always wrong and you are defined by a mistake……

That person may never forgive you. They might decide that mistake is worth an entire relationship or whatever you are to that person. But if you can forgive yourself then you can let go of this.

Go watch the music video “STAY” by Florida Georgia Line….Some people get so mad and push people away they are the ones who actually cause the most damage to their relationships. Some people you push away, don’t come back. Some people will get to a point that they will give up and walk away.

In the end ask yourself,” is your small mistake really deserving of how you are being treated?” Who is really in the wrong? Some mistakes are big enough the answer is yes. But if it is not then who is the person really in the wrong. You or the person treating you horribly.

A big part of any relationship of any kind is choosing your battles, working through the issues, and being able to forgive and accepting of the other person’s flaws. If you can’t do this then you will never have a successful relationship.

“You cannot love if you cannot forgive.” – Kimie Sogunie

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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