Let Go of The Person Stinging You Along

When someone keeps you around but limits their effort to keep you in their life, they are stringing you along. When someone is uncertain of their feelings they are stringing you along. When someone needs time or space they are stringing you along. When someone won’t be honest about their feelings they are stringing you along.

These people are wasting your time and your heart. I know this because I find a lot of these puppet masters in the dating game. If someone truly likes you they would know it. If someone truly likes you then you wouldn’t feel uncertain. If someone likes you then they wouldn’t string you along.

Why are you wasting you time one someone who don’t know if they like you when you could be talking to someone who knows they like you. Why are you texting that one person ignoring your texts when you can text that one person who would text you back. Focusing on the wrong person could cause you to miss out on the right person or potential canidates.

Love yourself enough not to be someones puppet. Sometimes the best thing you can do to love yourself is realize you deserve better and walk away.

I had to do this with a person who was pretending like they might forgive me over a minor issues with something I said. They kept saying they would think about allowing us to go back talking but still treated me like I didn’t matter. They told me enough to keep me around but showed no effort in being interested in keeping me in their life.

So I just deleted them out of my social accounts and deleted all their contact info in my phone. I started the process of moving on. Will I miss the possibility of what we could have been? Yes…But they made the choice of not having me around so I made the choice to move on for me.

Listen to this sentence……”You can’t make someone care about you.” “You can’t make someone want you in their life.” But you can choose to live your best life possible and be happy.

When you love yourself then you learn that you don’t NEED anyone else’s love or acceptance but your own. Focus on you and treating yourself better because you deserve it.

Don’t let the lack of someone else’s respect dim your own.

The reasons why they are doing does not matter. All that matters is how it makes you feel.

This is also called benching.

“I stopped being all that you needed when I couldn’t get what I needed.” – Unknown Author

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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