Think Twice Before Shaming Someone Online – Even if They Wronged You

“I’m gonna make you famous.” This is a line from a song from a woman who told the world about her cheating boyfriend. However is it really smart to call someone out online trying to hurt their reputation or start stuff? The answer is no it is not. The reality is you’re just hurting yourself and telling the world who you really are. You’re the type of person, that if someone makes you mad, you will post them all over the internet. No one wants that person in their life. Not to mention how immature and classy it is.

Be a private person who deals with their life in private instead of one who posts it all out there for everyone to see. No one has any respect for people who a disrespectful even when a person deserves it. What is between you and your ex should be between you and your ex.

You don’t want someone doing it to you so you shouldn’t do it t someone else. Not only that, but just because this is your point of view doesn’t make you always in the right. What if you decide you made a mistake later? You can’t go back. What if this person just made a mistake and you just plastered that mistake all over the internet. People have to move forward from their mistakes. Not pay for them over and over again.

Bullying someone you think deserves if or is for greater good of everyone else still makes you a bully. This also turns you into someone you don’t want to be. By posting about someone all over social media or the internet you are firing bullets you can’t ever take back.

I’ll admit I will vent about a situation online sometimes after I delete individuals off my facebook it involves and I never post names. No one knows who I am talking about and sometimes people don’t even know what I am talking about. No need to light a fire cracker. Just cut those people out of my life and move on.

Ask yourself this before shaming someone online………..

  1. Will this solve anything or just make things worse?
  2. What image will this portray me as to others?
  3. Is this the way I really want to fight my battles or have others see me fight my battles?
  4. Would I want someone doing this to me?
  5. Will other people want to be around me if I fight my battles online for the world to see?

I think you already know the answers to these things. Don’t become someone you yourself wouldn’t like. Have more pride in yourself than that. Be strong enough to let go and move on for yourself then allowing this to make you bitter or malicious.

Also if you know someone that is like this and you think it’s funny they do this to others, just remember if they are the kind of person to do this to others that make them mad, then they are the kind of person who will do this to you if they ever get made at you. It’s suddenly not so funny anymore is it!!!!

If someone is doing this to you. The best way to deal with this is not to react. Allow others to see them for who they are by their own actions. It doesn’t need a reaction or for you to point them out. They want a reaction so they can continue in their pursuit of online shaming you. If you don’t give them a reaction then after a while the shaming will get old and other people will get tired of hearing about it. Let them do themselves in without your help. Your friends, family, and the people who know you will know the truth. Most people these days know better then to listen to hear say.

Looking down on someone publicly will not make you the better person.

Always strive to be a better person. This includes being better than the ones who have hurt you.

“Do on to others they way you want them to do on to you.”-Unknown

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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