Cleanse Your Life of Toxic People

Take back your happiness. Many of us have people in our life that drain us and cast a dark shadow on your happiness. They do this in many ways. Not just one way and everyone’s toxic surroundings are different. They affect them in different ways. Hong remains the same. It is a very unhealthy situation.

It’s hard to avoid toxic people. They make it hard. They sometimes appear like innocent and appealing like a friend, and they’re sometimes involved in our work or family lives. You can still however create some distance between yourself and these individuals.

Here are nine ways to regain your happiness and cleanse your life of toxic people.

  • Don’t expect toxic people to change and accept that is who they are. Have no expectations at all when it comes to them and understand they are never going to change.
  • Create healthy boundaries and be consistent with them. Decide what you will and will not tolerate. Create some distance between you and toxic individuals.
  • Don’t get involved in their drama. They are always in crises and there will always be drama that surrounds these people. The love attention and will pull the “they need you,” card. They are master manipulators who just like being the center of attention. Don’t fall for the act.
  • Toxic people are draining so you need to focus on a solution instead of allowing them to make you miserable. These people will play with your head. They love mind games. They will give you plenty to be happy and sad about. They are emotionally draining. Sometimes they will even drain your resources if you are not careful. Beware of the takers.
  • Own your own weaknesses. Toxic people will do all they can to use your own weaknesses against you. They can’t do that if you already acknowledge and accept your weaknesses. These are a part of who you are. The is apart of self love. You can always work toward improving yourself but not if your are busy beating yourself up for your shortcomings.
  • You have to understand that toxic people make people around them miserable because of how miserable and unhappy they are in their lives. They lash out and criticize others so they can avoid their own shortcomings. Miserable people thrive on making others miserable when they have the toxic mentality.
  • Toxic people hate being ignored so they will resist letting go. They will even fight to stay in your life sometimes in an unhealthy way. They will hate losing control over you or being able to manipulate you. They might even target their anger or tactics on you for a while after you distance yourself from them. Don’t fall for their lies or tactics. They are not your friends. They only care about themselves and what benefits them.
  • Always be sure to choose your battles when it comes to toxic people. Conflict with these people requires a lot of energy and time. They are never wrong. Somehow it will always be your fault or come back on you somehow. No need to continue in a battle that will go no where. These people don’t value you enough to ever admit their actions or change. If they do apologize chances are they are just going to continue in the same behaviors because of who they are. They get you to stop being mad, take them back into your life, and then they continue the cycle. Does this sound like someone who is sorry? The answer is a big no!
  • Surround yourself with healthy people. Sometimes removing toxic people from your life can be painful. Surrounding yourself with healthy people helps you recognize how unhealthy a situation really is. It helps you miss them less. It helps you focus on positive relationships and a happier life. Staying around healthy positive people will help you feel appreciated and cared for in a way that you deserve. When you get rid of the toxic in you life you make room for the positive in your life.

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” – (Albert Einstein)

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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