Four Reasons Why Self Confidence is Sexy

Is confidence the sexiest thing a person can wear? I decided to try a social experiment. I wanted to see if people were drawn to self confidence. I used facebook and I added a whole bunch of random guys from a page I knew would comment on my pictures. I also asked friends to also comment on my pictures. Soon lots of guys were commenting on how pretty I was and how they wanted to be with me. I started posting memes and statuses that radiated confidence. Soon other guys on my facebook were messaging me and commenting on my photos. Guys were sending me friends request and trying to talk to me.

Why did this start happening? One simple truth. Confidence is the sexiest thing a person can wear. People are attracted to it. Loving yourself does really attract other people. Knowing what you deserve makes other people step up to the plate to respect it and the ones who can’t linger off from your life like they should.

Wear your self confidence even if you have to fake it until your confidence is real. You will be happier and in turn you will live a life you truly feel fulfilled in.

Four important reasons why self confidence is so sexy……….

Self-confidence is attractive.

Self-confidence says, “I accept myself on every level” and invites us all to do the same. This attracts others. You are what you believe you are.

Self-confidence is complete.

Without needing to explain itself or ask for permission to take up space in a room, self-confidence means you’re good enough as you are. You complete you and you don’t need anyone or anything to do that for you.

Self-confidence is powerful.

The ability to direct the course of our lives isn’t always in our hands, no matter how in-charge we believe ourselves to be. But believing we can do what we want to do and doing it is a very powerful feeling.

Self-confidence is accepting.

Even as our relationships may cause us to question our judgment at times, self-confidence reminds us that whatever mistakes we make, no experience or time spent is ever lost. We accept the things we can’t change and we learn from our mistakes. When you can accept the loses and move on without the weight of guilt you are truly free.

“A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.” – Vivica Fox (Actress)

Flaunt the sexy self confidence!!!!!!!!!

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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