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I mainly coach individuals to create an action plan that leads to self love/care and self confidence so they may succeed in all parts of their lives. This will allow them to live their best life in happiness and fulfillment.

I also coach a few clients in professional job success and in their dating life.

Many of my clients require my services because of the following.

  • Empty nest syndrome. Parents looking for a new purpose.
  • Relationship issues. People breaking their own hearts because they do not believe they deserve better. People who even sabotage their own relationships or happiness.
  • People with little to no confidence due to years of bullying.
  • People with low self esteem because of failed relationships or job prospects.
  • Domestic abuse survivors. People putting their life together after domestic abuse. People still living in domestic abuse.
  • People who don’t care about themselves at all. Poor house cleaning skills or self care skills.
  • People who are to scared to take that risk professionally. People who are to afraid of failing so they never step out of the box so they can succeed and they sell themselves short.
  • People who are for one reason or another are afraid of being themselves.
  • People who have sunk into self loathing due to grief or loss.
  • People who just don’t love themselves or even like themselves.

Prices and Services

Tidbit advice: Describe your situation in 5 sentences in email. I will send back a straight forward tip or advice in two to three sentences in email at = $5

30 Minutes = $60.00

1 Hour = $120.00

3 X 30 Minutes = $150.00 : Spread out in a month.

3 X 1 Hour = $300 : Spread out in a month.

6 X 30 Minutes = $300 : Spread out in two months.

6 X 1 Hour = $600 : Spread out in two months.

9 X 30 Minutes = $450 : Spread out in three months.

9 X 1 Hour = $900 : Spread out in three months.

I will conduct all sessions through Zoom Video Chat unless you are purchasing tidbit advice which is via email at

I will accept payment through PayPal at

I will also accept donations for this website at the same PayPal at

I will also conduct giveaways for free sessions. I will post free advice and tips on the blog on this website as well as YouTube.


Phone Number (469)340-3729

Site location is at Midland/Odessa Texas area.

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